What is a delisting offer?

A delisting offer is an unconditional public offer for all outstanding OSRAM shares which is required by law in order to end trading of OSRAM shares on the regulated market.


Why have you decided to pursue a delisting offer now?

Following the effectiveness of the domination and profit and loss transfer agreement (DPLTA) between OSRAM Licht AG and ams Offer GmbH in March 2021, this is the next logical step for the full integration of both companies.

Ending the stock market listing will also serve to streamline resources and optimize costs.

When do you expect OSRAM Licht AG to be delisted?

OSRAM’s listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange will be terminated as of 30 June 2021 and the listing on the Munich Stock Exchange will be terminated as of 29 September 2021.

What happens to the annual recurring cash compensation payable under the DPLTA if I tendered my shares in OSRAM Licht AG into the delisting offer?

In the event an OSRAM shareholder tendered OSRAM shares into the delisting offer, the OSRAM shareholder will no longer receive the annual recurring cash compensation under the DPLTA.

When will I receive the compensation for the OSRAM shares I tendered into the Delisting Offer?

The settlement of the Delisting Offer is expected for 30 June 2021.

If you have any questions regarding the takeover offer, please email us at    [email protected]